Playlist: Flight 001

Photo: Bruno Van Der Kraan

Photo: Bruno Van Der Kraan


CAPTAIN : Alex Merrell


I love waking up in a new city. There’s something about the mix of anonymity and break in routine that promises a fresh start ripe with opportunity. It’s interesting which habits we keep with us on the road though, and one of mine has always been starting my day with music. 

For many years, my routine was to listen to Erik Satie’s Gymnopédie No. 1 the first morning of any visit to Europe. It was the most romantic way I could think of to begin a trip. In my teens I listened to Coldplay’s Don’t Panic during every flight takeoff, not because I was prone to panicking, but because the reminder that “we live in a beautiful world” started every journey with the perfect tone of appreciation and wide-eyed curiosity. 

This mix is for those slow, jet lagged mornings in hotel bathrobes, drinking in room service coffee and unfamiliar horizons, when we are stripped of normalcy and left simply with ourselves and this big, breathtaking world.