Explorer Spotlight: Mick Batyske

Photo: Alex Merrell

Photo: Alex Merrell

Dubbed “the most entrepreneurial DJ" by Inc. magazine, Mick Batyske is the walking definition of a multi-talented creative. What started as a side hustle to help him pay for grad school has turned into an illustrious career, with a client roster including Will Smith, LeBron James, Jay-Z, Prince, Rihanna and Michelle Obama, in the White House no less. As a digital and social entrepreneur, tech investor, music curator and creative consultant, his footprint of influence has spanned numerous industries. Meanwhile, his travel itinerary spans the globe.

We caught up Mick to get the scoop on his morning-of packing habits, his near arrest in an Asian airport, and his affinity for chicken wings.

Full name (as APPEARS on passport)

Mick Batyske

Miles traveled last year


What is your earliest memory of falling in love with travel?

My grandparents taking me to Naples, FL. There was a beach, a pier, and a 7/11 with Super Mario Brothers.  True heaven.

Top to Bottom: @mick // Paris by Andy McCune // @mick // @mick

Top to Bottom: @mick // Paris by Andy McCune // @mick // @mick

Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you want as a seat neighbor on a plane?

Dead: My grandma.  She took me on my first flight, so it only seems right to resurrect her for your interview.  Like the 2Pac hologram. 

Alive: My son, Myles.  I want to show him the world!

Thoughtful planner or spontaneous adventurer?

Can I say both?

Ideal vacation

A three-tiered trip.  Somewhere chill like Tulum, cultured like Paris, and adventurous like Africa.


If you could change one thing about your travel habits, what would it be?

Getting to the airport early enough to enjoy the lounge before I board.  I’m one of those get to the airport at 6:30 for a 7pm flight kind of people.


Carry on or Checked

Carry on always. I’m a Tumi guy.


Packing STYLE

The morning of, after I call the Uber.  I’m a fucking disaster.  Throw it in the bag.


Travel uniform

Comfy yet newish sneakers.  Adidas track pants.  Long sleeve tee.  APC denim jacket with hidden inside pockets for my passport.


Top to Bottom: @mick // Copenhagen by Orlova Maria // Edition Miami by @mick // @mick

Top to Bottom: @mick // Copenhagen by Orlova Maria // Edition Miami by @mick // @mick

Always in your carry on

Phone charger. iPad. Comic books. And usually some snack my son Myles left in there accidentally.


In flight routine

Wine. Read. Sleep.


Best travel accessory

Can I say wine again?

Favorite plane read

Usually something Stoicism related, or a vintage comic from the 90’s.

Favorite travel meal

On the plane: wine and cheese.  I don’t really fuck with airplane food, even in business class.

On the ground: steak or seafood, depending on where I am.

Best travel hack

Extended layovers to explore cities.  I’m all about a 9 hour Paris stopover or a 10 hour Tokyo stopover… I know the cities well, so it’s a great way to dip in and dip out for free.


Place you’d like to go next



Strangest thing you’ve carried across a border

Some weird ceramic (half of a) Buddha figure.  I almost got arrested for accidentally breaking it in an airport.  Somewhere in Asia.  The militia made me buy it.  It’s now a door stop.

most treasured possession from your travels

Vintage authentic Jordan 1’s from 1986.  Found them a few years ago at a flea market in Bangkok.  Amazing come up.


Top to Bottom: @mick // @mick // Jerusalem by Roxanne Desgagnes

Top to Bottom: @mick // @mick // Jerusalem by Roxanne Desgagnes

Best place to ring in the New Year

I’m never historically home on NYE, so I’m gonna break protocol and say home.


Favorite beach

Somewhere in the Bahamas maybe.


Favorite hotel bar

The bar at The Edition in Miami is pretty great.


Room service order

Omelet and bacon if I’m being good.  Chicken wings if I’m being me.


Favorite workout on the road

Running.  Always running.  Best way to learn a new city. 

One city you’d like to live in 

Paris, for sure.


Best quality in a travel partner

The ability to just roll with whatever happens.  No stress.  Life is good and travel is a blessing.

If you knew that you could only visit one more place before you die, where would it be?

Probably Jerusalem and see all the places Jesus actually was at.