Mosha Lundström Halbert Goes South

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Photo: Alex Merrell

Photo: Alex Merrell

Mosha Lundström Halbert is not only a cool girl, she’s an authority on all things, well, cool. The writer, fashion director and on-air journalist is well known for her love of chillier temperatures, as evidenced by the cozy shearlings she designs for outerwear brand Therma Kota, which she founded with her sister and their mother, her love of all things Scandi, and her much Pinterested winter wedding in Reykjavik. She also edits Vogue’s “Cool Girl’s Guide” series, which profiles the women creating culture in the world’s most vibrant cities.

So, when Mosha and her husband packed up their New York apartment and moved to Miami, we were more than a little surprised. Over drinks at her spacious home before dinner at Le Sirenuse’s Surfside outpost, we quizzed her on her new home base, the must haves she carries throughout her travels, and her ongoing furniture hunt. Gesturing to a vintage settee she just scored, a smile creeps across her face. “I’m reupholstering it in shearling.”

There’s our cool girl.

MOSHA (in a few words):

Ambitious, resilient, agoraphobic.

Miami (In a few words):

Now that I’m based here, I’ve discovered how relaxed, creative, friendly, daring and optimistic it is. 

Photos (L-R): Jetset Piates // Dr. Smood // @trueloaf

Photos (L-R): Jetset Piates // Dr. Smood // @trueloaf

perfect morning:

Nothing beats a walk around my island with my bulldog barking at the dolphins followed by a sparring session with my trainer Rafa Morales and finished with homemade cold-brew with hazelnut milk.

Usual spot:

Sunset Harbour. That’s where you’ll find me most mornings working out at JetSet Pilates, counter-intuitively buying French bread at True Loaf and trying the new tinctures at Dr. Smood. 

Style influence:

Miami has given me a whole new appreciation for pastels and disdain for mesh. As for my work, it’s vital that I keep my eye curious and challenged. Being in a new place like Miami is very inspiring. From the world class art to Pritzker Prize-winning architects mounting projects here to the Latin influence, I am soaking it all in and feel fortunate to live in such an aesthetic wonderland. It couldn’t be more different than the other places I’ve lived (Toronto, New York, Reykjavík, LA) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Photos (L-R): @moshalundstrom // Jason Briscoe

Photos (L-R): @moshalundstrom // Jason Briscoe

weekend get away:

You can literally go to Bahamas for the day from Miami, it’s so close. And visiting friends in Palm Beach is a real treat. But if you are coming to Miami for a getaway, do yourself a favor and avoid south beach. That’s like visiting New York and staying in Times Square. It’s amateur hour. The only south beach hotel I can recommend is The 1. But stay north of Soho House to experience Miami’s charms. 

Photos (L-R): Muzammil Soorma // @moshalundstrom // @moshalundstrom

Photos (L-R): Muzammil Soorma // @moshalundstrom // @moshalundstrom

shopping STRATEGY:

Of course the Design District (go-tos: Mrs. Mandolin, Isabel Marant, Luminaire, Holly Hunt) and Bal Harbor (go-tos: Santa Maria Novella, Balenciaga) are like classy retail theme parks, but I am equally smitten by all the cool and quirky antique stores. It’s a vintage furniture jackpot here and I’m forever decorating. 

art fix:

The Bass and The Perez.


Books & Books is special and they have great programming as well. 

local scenery:

The Little Havana and Wynwood neighborhoods are teeming with cool restaurants, cafes, bars, galleries and local haunts. 

quick bite:

Pure Vida. Get the chicken wrap with the signature cilantro sauce. 

Photos (L-R): Aurora Kreativ // Pura Vida

Photos (L-R): Aurora Kreativ // Pura Vida

date night:

Le Sirenuse at the Four Seasons is pure romance. Get the spaghetti and branzino. 

on the town:

Drinks and live music at the Saxony Bar in the Faena Hotel. 

Photos (L-R): Le Sirenuse via Four Seasons // Saxony Bar via Faena

Photos (L-R): Le Sirenuse via Four Seasons // Saxony Bar via Faena


My Argentinian neighborhood introduced me to this incredible dulce de leche, yerba mate and pastry nirvana at Buenos Aires Bakery & Cafe in North Beach. Not fancy, but super authentic.

Must do:

A beach day of course! 

Photo: Lance Asper

Photo: Lance Asper

always travel with:

By Terry Baume de Rose lip balm, Kind bars, herbal tea, Aesop hand sanitizer and my iPad loaded with lots of magazines via the app Texture. 

ALWAYS bring home:

Something for my home, be it a blanket, a candle, a ceramic or art. And cool local beauty products. 

travel tip:

Invest in quality luggage. It does not need to be flashy, but you get what you pay for. Also, have a flying uniform. Be sure to have a few full-proof, comfortable, seasonless and chic plane outfits for both warm and cold weather arrivals. 

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