Playlist: Flight 004






This weekend, I’m heading to Europe for eleven days split between Ponza, Provence, and Ischia. The decision to bookend a work trip to the South of France with visits to two Italian islands I haven’t been to previously was relatively spontaneous, but I have dreamed of visiting Ischia for years. 

I was first introduced to the Tyrrhenian isle by that Jude Law movie. I know, June hits and every American in Italy fancies himself (or in this case, herself), Dicky Greenleaf, but the cultural relevance of the island goes back much further.

As Greek legend has it, Zeus defeated the Titan monster Tifeo in battle and, as punishment for his rebellion, condemned him to imprisonment under the rocks of Ischia. There he has been left to flail in rage, creating volcanoes and causing earthquakes. There are even towns named after parts of the Titan’s body such as “Panza”, the Neapolitan word for stomach and “Ciglio", meaning eyelash.

At any rate, I’m excited. Since a fair amount of the next two weeks will be spent seaside, this mix is for sun drenched afternoons lounging at Il Mezzatorre, with a “panza” full of spaghetti alle vongole.