L’Archivio di Monserrato in Rome

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Photos: Alex Merrell

Photos: Alex Merrell

Soledad Twombly’s atelier L’Archivio di Monserrato is an oasis of calm and elegance in the bustle of Rome, inviting you to discover a beautiful balance between historical reverence and modern design. The fashion designer’s custom pieces are showcased alongside her collection of rare antique textiles, furniture, and art, sourced during decades of traveling the world. In person, Soledad is equally elegant and warm, sharing details about the origins of individual fabrics and how they came to her.

The design studio has quickly become one of our favorites, so we chatted with Soledad about personal style and her path to Via di Monseratto, one of the most creative streets in Rome.


Where were you born?

Buenos Aires


What is your earliest memory of connecting with design & textiles?

As a little girl, by learning how to knit and embroider. I have always wanted to do this.


How has travel influenced your aesthetic?

Infinitely. Looking at different people in their ethnic costumes is the most inspiring of all and always the most elegant and stylish result.


When did you open your ATELIER?

In October 2017.


How would you describe L’Archivio di Monserrato?

L’Archivio is a wish come true of sharing with clients what I have seen and apprehended in 25 years of traveling around the world.


How has the SPACE evolved since its inception?

I have decided to offer it to other designers as a synergetic venue to show their creations so it constantly remains a very interactive space. A place that, like the world itself, changes all the time.


What is your approach to fashion design?

I strongly believe in personal style influenced by the actual moment that is now happening (fashion trends).

What is a favorite piece you currently have in store?

My signature piece, the Raj coat, readapted every year to present desires


Where do you find inspiration in Rome?

Everywhere… In the monuments, in the ceilings, the cobblestones, the streets.


Words to live by:

Always seek for beauty. 


What is your favorite place in Rome to: 


I enjoy Pianostrada in the Spring, Nino in the winter, Dal Bolognese in the Fall and Trattoria Polese all year round.


Rooftop at Hotel de la Ville.


I love to shop at my great neighbors in Via Monserrato: Fabio Salini, Gilbert Halaby, Chez Dede and Delfina Delettrez.


Boutique hotels, either Hotel De’ Ricci or G-Rough Hotel.