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Photo: Alex Merrell

Photo: Alex Merrell

Gianni Politi doesn’t sit still. The Roman painter in the flesh is much like his work: bold, colorful, and coursing with energy. Unsurprisingly, the momentum is equally evident in Gianni’s career, resulting in a long pedigree of both solo and group shows internationally over the past eight years. When the artist is home from showcasing his classical oil paintings, bronze sculptures and paper works in Prague or Hong Kong, he’s at work in his studio in San Lorenzo, where we caught up with him in June.

Photo: Gianni Politi

Photo: Gianni Politi

Where were you born?

Roma, 1986.

What is your earliest memory of making art?

Building a pirate raft with my uncle, or maybe trying to understand how the Foro Italico statues were made while visiting them with my father

How has travel influenced your work?

Not at all. I am an almost zero traveling human being.

How has Roman culture & history inspired your work?

Using a travel as a metaphor, for me being Roman is like a carry on bag. It’s something I keep close and don’t separate from. It’s always with me in the overhead compartment.
…and it is something I always proudly manifest. In Prague at the Italian Cultural Council my solo show was titled “Giovane Pittore Romano” (Young Roman Painter) and in New York at 56 Henry, the title was “Paintings From The Old World”.

What is currently your greatest influence?

I believe it to be the city of Roma itself. It feeds me with so much, everywhere and at all times, even when my eyes are resting.

Photos: Alex Merrell

Photos: Alex Merrell


When & where is your next show?

It will be in December at Centro Arti Visive Pescheria, an Italian Institution in Pesaro, in the Marche region.

How do you know when a piece of work is finished?

When I title it.

How do you define creative fulfillment?

Can anyone define such an ephemeral moment?

What do you believe to be the greatest challenge of an artistic life?


What do you believe to be the greatest redeeming factor of an artistic life?

When you pay rent.

Photo: Alex Merrell

Photo: Alex Merrell

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Photo: Gianni Politi

Photo: Gianni Politi

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