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Photos: Alex Merrell

Photos: Alex Merrell

Jonathon Litchfield believes that life’s simplest moments “are made beautiful by the tools we use to live”. Stepping off a cobblestone street in Vancouver’s historic Gastown district into his eponymous boutique Litchfield feels like entering the home of a friend with a brilliant eye for design. The shop’s revolving collection features a beautifully curated mix of timeless pieces for both the home and the individual, built with quality and craftmanship.

We spoke with Jonathon about 70’s architecture, Japanese ceramics, and the dying art of living well.

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Where were you born?

Calgary, Alberta

What is your earliest memory of connecting with design?

My grandfather had impeccable and somewhat eccentric taste. When I was two he completed a 70's modern concrete home and from my earliest memories I was captivated by the details and design. The razor sharp precision, exotic hardwoods and smoked glass, juxtaposed with huge slabs of raw concrete and steel, are still the biggest single influence on my personal aesthetic.

How has travel influenced your aesthetic?

My time in Japan shows up strongly with a love for ceramics, organic shapes and the balance of proportions. I also like to include a wabi sabi element in my space to ensure that the modern elements don't take over leaving it feeling uninviting and sterile. Perhaps most importantly though, travel has instilled in me a desire to ensure that a visual aesthetic is balanced with truly living. The scars of living that you see in old European homes are so much more compelling than pristine perfection.

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When did you open Litchfield?


How would you describe your store?

A revolving collection of things that foster living well, intended to be loved and used for the long term. 

How has Litchfield evolved since its inception?

I've been lucky to be able to expand the collection to include more brands that reflect the goal of "living well". I had to earn the privilege to work with companies of that caliber and quality. 

What is your approach to curating products?

Pretty simply, I ask if I love it. It has to be timeless, beautiful and unique enough to stand out. I'm also unwavering about quality - the world has enough garbage, we need to make less not more of it. 

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What is a favorite piece you currently have in store?

Oh man. We recently sold a pair of Carl Auböck cane wrapped patinated brass bookends that I really hated to see go.

Where do you find inspiration in Vancouver?

In the forests and beaches. Luckily there are lots of them.

words to live by

Living well is a dying art.

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When in Vancouver…

Eat AT

Ask for Luigi

Drink AT

Grapes and Soda

Shop AT


Stay AT

A weekend in Tofino. It’s full of awesome Airbnb's and I love a cabin vibe for those relaxing weekends!

Find Culture AT

Museum of Anthropology - the architecture is stunning.

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